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Milou is a yoga therapist & dakini practitioner with studies in psychology. This is a healing session where Milou brings you to a safe and receptive space where your nervoussystem gets to fully relax. From that state you are taken on a deep & extra ordinary journey into . . .
BODY(thai yoga, craniosacral, oil - massage) (energy, pranic, kundalini - healing)
SPIRITUALITY(tantric tools & breathing patterns)

Expected Effects from a Session :
✔️Increased well-beeing / extreme rejuvenation (increased seratonin & oxytocin)
✔️Pain ease for body / therapeutic effects
✔️Stillness of the mind / state of meditation
✔️Pranic healing / increased connection and kundalini ✔️Spiritual insight / deepened connection with one-self

This session is for you that is curios in the dakini path but also for you that are looking for healing for body or soul!
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