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* Do you want to improve your technique?
* Do you want to be able to play what you hear in your head?
* Do you want to understand what your favorite musicians are playing?
* Do you want to be able to improvise freely all over the fretboard and not be bound down by boxes or positions?
* Do you want effective practice techniques that'll enable you to actually make progress each and every time you sit down with your instrument?

My focus is on developing your technique, timing, ear and fretboard knowledge. By improving these you'll be a better player in whatever style or styles you are specifically interested in. We can of course dive deeper into any style you want but I've found that the best use of our time together is to help you improve in the areas I outlined above.

The lessons are conducted via Skype and are taught in 45-minute sessions. Before we have our first paid lesson we'll have a brief interview/chat over Skype to go over what your goals are as well as checking that our setup is working.

You don't have to sign up for more than one lesson at a time which makes it flexible for both of us. However as with anything regularity will bring better results, and weekly lessons will also make it easier for us to ensure that you have your favorite time slot available. This is totally up to you, and one off¨s are just as welcome as regular students.

The price is 50 dollars for each lesson and is paid through Paypal before the lesson starts. You don't need a Paypal account to be able to pay since I provide you with a link.

Please visit: for more info and to schedule our free interview.

You can also visit my Instagram account to hear me play:

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