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Need a marketer, mentor, partner, accountant, lawyer, or anyone for your business team?

Theres a FREE new website out that helps you connect with investors, marketers, programmers, partners, legal specialist etc. All you do is put up an ad for your business, select who/what you are looking for (lets say you need a partner, you can select partner) and they will email you directly if interested. The website is still new so it is free for now, so if i was you, i would hop on as fast as i can and start making connections. Also, you have a chance to win cash prizes! Hope you guys find what you need to help build your business! The website is

The main goal of the website is for businesses to get their ideas and organizations out in the public and find investors, marketers, programmers or whoever they need. For people to find companies which they would want to be apart of and have hands on/first hand experience to what is going on with that particular company. For everyone to make money.

We strive to make a community in which businesses can find who they need in order to advance. It takes us all to see the advancement of society, so what better way than to work together?
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